Did you know that your normal body lotion could contain up to 95% water?

Discover the hidden truth about your everyday body lotion – did you know it could be composed of up to 95% water? While that’s not necessarily a negative aspect, being aware of your purchase can lead to better value for your money. In this article, we’ll delve into crucial considerations when selecting a moisturizer for your skin.

The epidermis, your skin’s outermost layer, is covered by a delicate layer of lipids and water. This protective film keeps your skin smooth, moisturized, and reinforces its defensive barrier. As the body’s largest organ, the skin’s primary function is protection. To fulfill this role effectively, the skin requires sufficient moisture. Well-moisturized, hydrated, and nourished skin displays signs of health such as luster, glow, even textures, and tones.

Environmental stressors like pollution and UV rays can disrupt the skin’s balance rapidly. Therefore, external nourishment becomes crucial. An effective skincare routine involves gentle cleansing without harsh chemicals, thorough yet gentle exfoliation, followed by hydration, moisturization, and protection.

Distinguishing between Hydration & Moisturization:

Proper skin functioning necessitates a specific water content, making hydration essential. Humectants play a vital role by drawing water from the surrounding environment to the skin. They also transport water from the deeper layers (dermis) to the uppermost layer (epidermis). Common humectants include Aloe Vera, Honey, Sorbitol, Glycerine, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid, and Alpha hydroxy acids.

Once the skin is adequately hydrated, it’s crucial to lock in the moisture to prevent transepidermal water loss. This process is known as moisturization, and ingredients like occlusives, emollients, and protein rejuvenators are key.

Common Occlusive & Emollient Skincare Ingredients:

Look for ingredients like Petroleum jelly or petrolatum, butters or waxes, heavier silicone, lanolin, etc.

Common Protein Rejuvenators in Skincare:

Ingredients such as Collagen, Keratin, and Elastin contribute to protein rejuvenation.

While body butters are rich in humectants and emollients, it’s essential to scrutinize the ingredients. Consider Rû posh Body Butter, a blend of emollients and humectants featuring Shea butter, Almond oil, and Aloe vera. With a natural ingredient percentage of 78.8%, this product is easily absorbed, non-greasy, and delivers luster, shine, and proper nutrition. Furthermore, it is formulated to be paraben-free, vegan, and environmentally friendly. Elevate your skincare routine with a conscious choice for healthier, nourished skin.