Uses and Benefits of Rosa-damask

Rosa-damask, commonly known as the Damask rose or sometimes as The Bulgarian rose or Turkish rose, is a rose hybrid derived from Rosa gallica and Rosa moschata. The flower is renowned for its fine fragrance and is commercially harvested for the extraction of rose oil (‘rose otto’ or ‘rose absolute’),‘rose concrete’ and rose water primarily used in perfumery and cosmetics. The flower petals are also edible. They may be used to flavour food, as a garnish, as herbal tea, or can be preserved in sugar as ‘Gulkand’. For centuries, the Damask rose has symbolised beauty and love. The fragrance of the rose has been captured and preserved in the form of rose water by a method that can be traced to ancient times in the Middle East and later to the Indian subcontinent.

Damask rose is also prized for its anti-aging effect on the skin. It removes excess oil from the skin, soothes, tighten & nourishes the skin. It also helps in treating inflammation, irritation & redness of the skin. It is an ingredient in many cosmetics and is also included in massage oils for its sensual and relaxing properties. The method of extraction of Damask rose oil makes it superior to other essential oils. Some four tonnes of rose petals are required to produce a kilo of this essential oil. The petals are to be harvested very early in the morning and must be distilled within a maximum of 24 hours. Sensuality and beauty may be the qualities mainly associated with Damask rose, but it also has a remarkable capacity to restore psycho-emotional harmony in cases of nervous anxiety, depression, insomnia and palpitations. Beyond its role in helping you relax, the application of three drops of pure essential Damask rose oil on the solar plexus is said to help balance the hormonal system and enhance fertility. The Damask rose is also used as a tonic for re-energising the libido. The oil can be applied directly from the bottle at the end of each day. This aromatherapy is said to deliver results within two or three weeks. Couples can also experiment with a ritualised massage, an ideal remedy for a waning libido. One drop of essential oil mixed with 20 drops of vegetable oil is sufficient for a spine and lower back massage. The cultivation and extraction of rose was brought to Kashmir by Turkish traders in the Mughal period. Researches proved the quality of Kashmiri rose oil to be at par with international standards.

However the age long tradition has been lost due to lack of proper certifications and branding. Shirin Aromatics dedicatedly works to authenticate the quality of the locally produced rose oil in the region of Kashmir. Hence, providing a marketing platform for the local farmers and bringing the finest quality to the customers.